I've been following many of the threads in many of the forums here at HWC for several weeks now. When taking my first look around there seemed to be a wealth of information, both in the HWC reviews and in material posted in the many forums. I considered registering immediately, but decided instead to just read for a while...

So I thought I'd share what I've seen. It's sad really; I type this not even knowing whether it will be allowed to stay or not. You see, I've been a member or many BBS discussion forums, as well as several other discussion and "*****" boards from various sites. I've never witnessed such unrest between members and moderators, but in just a few days of reading it was all too clear where the source of the problem is.

The registration agreement (which I was very careful to read) clearly states that posts can be edited or deleted for offensive content, or for any or no reason whatsoever. The moderators seem to have this firmly planted in their minds. However, I really don't think the administrators of HWC had this kind of selective editing in mind.

It's really not that hard to see the bias of some of the moderators (note - plural). After reading for a few weeks, I began to question if I could trust any information I found here. Even more distressing, I began to notice a bias in the reviews done by HWC in general.

Now, there are plenty of biased hardware review sites out there, and that really doesn't surprise or bother me. The one difference is that I can usually find unbiased, helpful, flame deficient information in their discussion forums. Here, for reasons all to clear, you cannot.

The attitudes of some of the moderators does not reflect well on the HWC staff. The fact that this has continued for the past several weeks (way to long in this person's eyes), and even longer (judging from some of other members posts - months?), makes me question the administrators of this site.

Therefore, I'll have to go elsewhere to find useful information that lacks flame, bias, and pure hatred. I just can't believe things have been allowed to get to the point where someone relatively new to the site is so easily able to see such deep problems.

This is my first post, as well as my last.