Many of the members of the CPU forum have expressed disgust with the way Mole has conducted himself. He has not conducted himself in a manner conducive to a moderator and has engaged in personal slander which does not reflect well on his own character or on that of HWC.

He personally attacks members and demeans them when their opinions differ from his. He insults members and repeatedly shows how assinine he can be:

From Mole, Regarding Jeffy79:

You don't OC because you probably don't have enough guts to do so.
He also resorted to things that many members would find offensive, and that are completely unnecessary:

Mole, to Jeffy79 again:

At least I get laid when I feel like it and as much as I want. Besides, it doesn't take less than a minute for me to cum.
I find this personally offensive and uncalled for. There is no need for a moderator to conduct himself in this manner.

He has continued to perpetuate flame wars and only exercises his power as moderator to remove posts or threads that he finds "off topic" or unnecessary, to the continued protest of those who posted them. Many many times this has been completely unnecessary.

I know I and others feel that Mole is not meeting his duties as moderator and his continued position should be subject to review.

I encourage anyone who has similar concerns about Mole come forward and express them now.