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Thread: I believe something must be done about Mole...

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    Hmmmm I missed the thread where two people threatened to kill each other for real...but I did hear about it. Am I wrong.. or is one of the current Mole bashers in the CPU forum one of these people?


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    Deanril Guest
    Rogue Gunman

    Long time no see ,anyway,WE would want proof as would mjarmark.

    Can you go ahead and maybe give us some links or something to substantiate your claims,I have never witnessed this,and would like to see first hand?Im sure at all true,but...

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    Uhhh, I don't know what you are talking about Rich. I HEARD about that thread too and I would like to make it clear that only ONE person threatened to kill the other person. The other person, was a REEEAAALLY cool guy though.

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    I never realized that he was mod of 5 forums. Why is this? Does anyone have an answer? Seems kind of strange.
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    Deanril Guest
    I have an answerm there use to be only 2-3 mods for ALL the forums,way back when and mole was 1 of the 2-3.so he had like 5 forums.

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    It was about killing in other in under 3 minutes. Anything more and you'll have to make out with each other.

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    Jeffy himself will tell you that he and I don't really get along. I don't despise the guy, but he regularly annoys me. I am not opposed to Mole because I feel that I am somehow sticking up for Jeffy. That needn't be done, and is almost an impossible task at times.

    I too blew off early complaints against Mole, giving the guy some credit up front. But over the course of a matter of weeks, he has systematically destroyed every shred of respect I ever held for him.

    I cannot condone Jeffy's actions, but context or not, Mole's comments were offensive and completely unnecessary. It was derrogatory, disgusting, and vulgar. There is absolutely no reason in my mind to have a moderator that has such a horrible lack of self control as Mole.
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    Deanril Guest
    OK,OK I read the j79 post about the DURON,and I wil have to agree that MOLE was out of hand there.

    But I have noticed only 1 thing he gets these complaints(and out of hand )only when jeffry provokes him or shows up.I believe its jeffry racism that sets him off.

    I suggest we give MOLE another chance and BAN JEFFRY at the server/firewall.

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    That is not the one I am refering to. All that remains of the thread in question can be found here. It is self explanitory.

    Since the subject of that "other thread" has come up though, I will say that I was not the first to threaten violence. I simply told the one who did what the result would be if he wanted to play with fire. If mole had been doing his job, he would have deleted that thread long before any this took place. He was watching, and possibly even enjoying himself, so he did nothing.

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    Obviously Mole has had past dealings with Jeffy and has a strong dislike towrds him. It's clear to me that Mole was provoking him in that thread. This is totally unacceptable for ANYONE to behave as a Moderator. I believe anyone deserves a second chance but it sounds like this has been happening for a while so I would can his *** as Moderator. Letting him get away with that is like saying it's ok for Cops to severely beat people while arresting them. People with any kind of authority should NEVER be allowed to abuse it in any way. Those stupid threads shouldn't even still be in there as I and others think they are highly offensive.

    Jeffy I have nothing personal against you but if I were moderator i'd ban you for life. There's no place for racist garbage like that ANYWHERE.
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    Sorry to say but I said your race and can I say one thing. This could mean anything and anyone! Hell german, american, french, english, australian, anyone.. I didnt say a specific race, and saying your race has small ****s is not racist! How is that actually racist? How? I mean I didnt say his exact race, I said race. Its like saying.. That race down south are morons. I am saying race, I could say my race has small ****s. It is not racist look up what is racist.


    Your the one to talk! You got deleted twice from this forum, from HWC not this forum. HA! You also used to flame people, including me back last spring you did. You know you did. Also dude its funny, your double standard **** is hilarious. Your double standard stuff is, basically the same. You said cut the **** but you are doing it now and have done it in the past.


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    Deanril Guest
    I expected a little more from you Jeffry.

    Why not post a new thread here or in cpu complaining about Deanril,then you can have your revenge,for my nice big BOLD statement.

    Come on,lets do it,hey Im black,you got some names for me,come on jeffry,i know you do.

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    Hummm, looking back that was just a wild thread. But someone did delete it in the long run (grant it the thread ran long as hell), and I'm assuming it was Mole that was the one responsible for deleting it.

    It is VERY well known here that Rogue and I don't get along but I can back Rogue up on his story that Mole DID delete only his posts in the particular thread he was talking about. I expected an answer from Mole why he only deleted his posts in that thread and he DID provide an answer in a separate thread. I still believe he should have given a warning before doing it but he did have a good reason although I don't think Rogue believes it was.

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    I also appologise if anyone misunderstood what I was saying by saying "your race has small ****s". This was not said to be racist, if you understood me then i appoligize for that. It was not meant to offend anyone, if you want racist im not saying it!


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    J79, you make a BAD politician. You know exactly what you meant when you were referring to HIS race. Don't try to back pedal now, it is TOO late.

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