To make this easier on me I will just paste the letter I sent to Sander here...

Thanks Everyone.


I am very sorry to let you and HWC down, especially the day before the contest is to start. My wife has been in the hospital and between taking care of the kids
and visiting her I haven't had any time for my moderator duties, and now she has been diagnosed with MS so I will never know when I can or cant be here.

My recommendation for a moderator would be EC-PC.. that is if he is up to it... he has been going through a personal crisis of his own.The mod should be a member of the SETI team... and EC-PC is the most active member as far as recruiting and doing the stats. The only disadvantage he has is his spelling and grammar is even worse than mine.

I will continue to check the SETI forum for a few minutes each night for any flames or SPAM until my title is removed.. but I don't think there will be any problems.

I thank you for this opportunity. For a hardware geek being a mod at the # 1 hardware site has been an honor indeed.

I will not be able to do the drawing tomorrow.. but if you ask for help quickly it may not be to late. Djcake is a member of the SETI team with a webcam.. so perhaps he can help.


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