I've been a member here for quite awhile now and have thought highly of the job done by administration for the entire course of that time. I've agreed with every decision made by you guys, and supported every change you've made to the site.

In creating the new Off Topic Forum, a need for a moderator was obvious...and the members of all forums requested numerous times that an official vote be held. That never happened...

I speak for myself...but I am positive I am not the only member that is completely in disagreement with site administrations choice for a moderator.

The member chosen is obviously not capable of handing the position and the authority that comes with it. He is biased towards the younger and more immature members of the board, and has proven in the few hours as moderator that he is himself not mature enough to handle his newfound authority.

Within an hour of receiving the job, he made a derogatory comment to me in this thread obviously bragging.
Looks like your day took a turn for the worse, huh?
Collinj, the longtime former moderator of the General forum is also outraged at the choice for moderator...TNproud2b lost posting priviledges at Collin's Website because he attacked the members of www.force3d.com to the point that he was banned.

He has already edited posts with a bias, and will continue doing so in the future. He edited Collinj's post here but didn't edit his friends post here until Collinj made a comment about it...then it was suddenly "taken care of".

Pathetic...I am sincerely disappointed that you have made no comment on any of these complaints Mr. Jarmark...and I am further disappointed that I received no response from you via email.

Sander Sassen...I would appreciate your thought on this issue as well. You have my personal email address, my ICQ number, and my work email address. I would appreciate something from you concerning your opinion of the choice.

Anxiously awaiting commentary,