When will it be?
It might as well be this thread if it`s ok with the admins and webmaster.

I`m posting under my new [junior member] name, which I created especially for the event that I could/would be elected as the new [co-]mod for the Off Topic forum.

I have little to say for myself, except that I have the experiance of being here for about 6 months, being the owner and admin of www.phrea.com and admin of the POF, which is the forum cluster at phrea.com.

Am I pushy?
Yes, I actually am [kinda]... I think this job should be done by somebody who is level headed and has a low profile, for objectivity is important for such a job as this one.

I`ll step aside for Collinj if he is serious about his proposal.

Let`s finally get this show on the road.


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