I would like to take this time now to vote for Brainsoft as moderator for Off Topic Forum.
Why you ask..its simple, the guy is a real up and comer in the world of computer technology. Brainsoft also has helped me with countless software and hardware problems in the 6 months I've known him.

Brainsoft is very easy going, doesn't take offense to the posts that are controversial, flame-baited in nature, he'll look at it and decide with an open mind and reply with his usual calmness how he feels.

You guys might think, well he hasn't been here very long and he knows Outlaw, there's no way in hell he should be allowed moderator. All I say to that is...give the guy a chance..you'll see he is very smart, cool, and an all around nice guy. So before you guys vote for moderators please consider Brainsoft as mod, you'll not regret it.