Okay.. I have just went through a rather humorous experience. Not long ago when a nameless member *cough*Jeffy*cough*
was slamming Mole every chance he got because he wanted to be mod of the CPU forum
he actually got a lot of member support.
Most of the support he received was from members that are somewhat new and didn't know the whole story. Well.. tonight we had a new member in the HWC ICQ active list with the name Fatdon.. who not only admitted to being Jeffy but he forgot to change his ICQ number with his name.. so it is in everyone's history as Jeffy. Anyway he went on and on about how Mole was a slant eyed cat/dog eater
and how I was "sucking his ****"
It was a rather long drawn out conversation that was broadcast to the entire ICQ list.. so I have a million witnesses. Someone from the list finally got tiered of his behavior and hacked him with 3,000 ICQ messages at once.. and he went away.

I do have a point for this... I feel sorry for Jeffy.. he is a nice kid.... but this is the same person some new people wanted to be a moderator. It is for this reason I suggest all mod nominies have at least 6 months posting time.. and that those voting who have less time be counted for only 1/2 a vote at best. I trust Mike and Jeff will make the right decision.. but for new members.. please know who you are backing before you back them, and dont get upset because you didn't get elected with only two months posting time. More on the Jeffy incident will follow if necessary.

Mole.. you wont eat dog.. but you like McDonalds.... gross!


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