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Thread: New forum / Change existing forum

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    Guys, no need to add or rename the General Forum--just "put" it below Mobile Computing Forum and you will see the big difference
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    Riskee subjuct shouldn't be allowed I agree. I don't think they have a place here at all, even in a different forum.

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    NiteOwl ... has the right idea.


    and change the Support

    to General-support
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    Well, at least I've managed to avoid the forums I look after to turn into a warzone like that.

    Sometimes, you just got to make a decision even though it might make you unpopular. But in the long run, the forum is better off without too many useless and on the edge threads.

    I mean, if you really feel like discussing non hardware issues, I'm sure there are plenty of other forums on other sites which can provide that. Or if you really feel like discussing it with somebody you know on the forum, do it though ICQ or e-mail.

    I don't even think there is any need of a general non hardware or computer forum. Afterall, this site is HARDWARECENTRAL.COM

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