I know there was a thread about this some time ago, but recent events have led me to open the discussion again.

Yesterday, I referred 2 persons to HWC, one was having a mysterious hardware problem, the other wanted information about RAID controllers. Neither of those 2 bothered to register and post their questions. The reason ? A couple of threads in the general forum, mostly the gun control issue.

The general forum is the place most of the people visit first when they come to this site. I don't mind the off-topic subjects that are posted, since they are often interesting and entertaining. But

some threads might be considered provocative by the average 1-post people who drop by to ask a hardware-related question.

I would suggest that we get a forum specifically designed for "social" posting, debates and other topics that aren't related to hardware. This could be a private forum, or you could hide it so that it wouldn't be immediately visible to the new members.

All members, please feel free to comment on this suggestion.

And remember, the description of the general forum says general hardware discussion.

I just checked the forum today. I'm definitely not sending people with hardware problems here any more. If they look at the topics in the general forum before going to the support forum, they'll think I've lost my mind.

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