We need a new forum at HWC for "social & inflammatory" posts, or we need to clamp down on a lot of posting in all forums, especially "General".

There is a lot of demand for this and I am one of those people who really think its needed.

[list=1][*]People sometimes like to flame/post social things.[*]It requires less effort to add a forum than police 15 existing ones.[*]Not much moderating needed for new forum(basically porn and warez)[*]We really must keep some kind of separation between technical/informative posts and personal "episodes".[*]If we are going to have flame-wars and people duking it out, we might as well cater for it properly rather than have random verbal-violence.[*]Flames are funny - what better way to bust a gut than reading the Flame-bait Forum? Right Xriz?[/list=a]

I have quite actively participated in flames, so I am not saying anyone is wrong or "bad", just that it could be done in a better way.

Comments please...

Can we reduce the amount of personal attacks a bit?

Can we Re-Name the General Fourm ?

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