okay guys, do not change the member status, base on number of posts!!! LOL Lot of Forums, BBS and Discussion sites have done this and the result is, Boo-Coo "garbage", Flame, Troll and other BUxx SHxx!!! postings just to get a higher status!!!!!

Try and keep it like it is, come here, post, reply and damn the numbers!!!!

For you Technical people, I'm an older member, but I do not care about numbers, I come here to get info, from posts, I reply, as a way of thanking people here for the help and to help others.

Good example of this(post more to get a Higher rating) is on Anand's Forums, since they began that more posts equals higher status, the amount of "Flame", Troll and BS posting has made that Forum ugly to view , post or reply!!! Too bad, a lot of good info there

So do not change the way things are here. Thanks.

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