I would like to request (and possibly moderate) a new forum at HWC.

I would like to use this forum to discuss experiences in dealing with various vendors (both software and hardware), tech support, general support (and similar) experiences that various people have made with buying online, in stores and so on.

I feel that this would be a useful addition to HWC, even if I don't project that this will be a very active forum (to begin with).

A lot of people have made different experiences with the same company, sometimes wildly different, and I for one believe there are some connections and some experiences are just plain (good or bad) luck.

Some of the things that could be discussed here would be:
"Where can I purchase XXX?" I live in YYY?"

"Do XXX ship to my country?"

"I just bought XXX from YYY and the product was great, but service sucked - is it me or have other experienced this to?"

"I just bought product XXX (Rev A.B.C) from manufacturer YYY, and it sucks. It says it supports ZZZ, but it doesnt - bewarned!"

The reason for creating this site is many-fold:

1. Some of us have worked in the industry and have gained good knowledge that we would happily pass on to people who are having problems dealing effectively with companies/vendors/suppliers.

2. Some of us (have) frequently (dealt)/deal with support, sales (etc) and have experiences to pass on to people who have questions.

3. Some of us just buy and test a lot of hardware/software and have experiences with may be useful.

4. Some companies are very poor and obviously out for the fast buck. Reseller-Ratings.com has a site which tabulates this in the form of "points". Even companies that has a bad reputation can be dealt with and some people go to reseller-ratings.com after they bought the product...
I will point out we wont rate anything, just pass on our collective experiences.

5. Similar discussions take part on all HWC boards (I think), this would put them in a place with a better overview (in my opinion).

Comments? Suggestions? My ideas may not be perfectly clear, or maybe there is something I have overlooked. Constructive criticism and feedback is welcome.

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