Why can't HardwareCentral be more like this?
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Thread: Why can't HardwareCentral be more like this?

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    Why can't HardwareCentral be more like this?

    Hardware Central is one of the forums I pay most attention to, while great, it sure lacks some more advance features other UBB forums have.
    lets take the Omega Project Forum Forum for example.

    some of it's most intresting features are:

    • Users can select thier own images.
    • Users can post private posts.
    • Interface is better (the Delete, Info, Email, etc...)
    • ranks!!
    • More Faces!!
    • ICQ Status Icon
    • Preview Feature

    well, these options are not MUST-HAVE, but they are sure nice.
    I write this so that the already great [/insert big *** kiss ] HardwareCentral webmasters can expand our range of control in thie forum!! whohaha!!!

    (I want more faces!!)...

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    Jeffy79 Guest
    Anything is better than HWC.

    "Thats my story and im stickin to it!"

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    We'll look into some of those new features

    Jeff Tseng
    [email protected]
    Jeff Tseng
    [email protected]

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    I come here for the people. I get my reviews from everywhere. It's good to get a second opinion (assuming everyone else aren't collabrating together).

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