Come on folks.. speak up or this forum is useless
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Thread: Come on folks.. speak up or this forum is useless

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    Come on folks.. speak up or this forum is useless


    I have responded to two forum questions today.. and hinted that they should post there forum problems in here. The people at HWC are not mind readers, if you have a problem.. or you would like to see changes please let them be known. I dont wanna be the only person posting in here.. if that happens.. you might as well call this "Rich's Forum" .. make me mod.. and I can talk to myself all day!! I dont wanna see that happen.. and I already talk to myself enough! I know some of you are still having problems with user names and such... HWC staff will not ban you for asking for help! Thats what this forum is here for.. so please.. use it or else it may dry up and be forgotten about.

    Somehow I was calling you Mark in my responses to you.. no disrepect intended.

    Now lets get busy folks!

    Rich H.
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    Thanks Rich, I think that's just what was needed. I will make an all bulletin board post to let everyone know more about this forum.

    Jeff Tseng
    Jeff Tseng

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