I posted a new thread because the BBS wouldn't allow me to reply in the previous thread by Jefftee.

Originally posted by Jefftee:

Hey Everyone,
We're preparing for another round of articles at HardwareCentral and we were interested in seeing what type of articles you guys would like to read about. Or if there are any specific topics that you would like us to write about.

Any suggestions would be appreciated

Jeff Tseng
I'm glad you asked this question Jeff.

I want to see HWC do some reviews on Athlon processors, motherboards, and at least one complete Athlon based PC. I don't care if it's an OEM model, but if so I would prefer that it be from one of the smaller PC OEMs.

For some reason, this site tends to avoid reviewing AMD CPUs and compatible hardware as if it were the bubonic plague. Those of us in these forums who support AMD and the increased competition/lower prices they bring to the industry have been left to speculate as to why HWC refuses to acknowledge AMD's position as the current technological leader in the x86 CPU market. I'm sure I don't have to tell you that this speculation has lead some to conclude that HWC's funding comes from a source that wouldn't tolerate such open proclaimation of the truth.

Now, I have here a link and quote from Mr. Sander Sassen himself, dating back to September 24 of last year:


Hi Guys,
Expect a review up on HardwareCentral somewhere next week of a 800MHz Athlon running on an Asus K7M.


Sander Sassen
Needless to say, the review never happened. Either that, or the findings were never made public. I took a quick look at your review archives today, and immediately found that the only CPU reviews in the archive are Intel reviews.

Additionally, I counted at least 20 Intel BX/ZX and VIA Apollo Pro 133 Slot 1/Socket 370 motherboard reviews from the past year or so. There is not one Athlon Slot A or even K6-x super 7 review on the list- not even one!!!!!

I want to see more even-handedness in your choice of reviews, and I can assure you that I am not the only one who feels this way. I don't think this is an unreasonable request, and it would only be right and fair of you to honor it.