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    re: reviews & articles at HWC

    i always liked how you guys reviewed motherboards. right on down to the quality of the manual.

    i would like to see some more tutorials. there is some good stuff in the archives, but questions we see a lot on the forums that are all solved the same way could make for good tutorials. e.g. "modem error: com port wouldnt open" or handling IRQ conflicts, HD partitioning, stuff like that.
    -there may be some of these in the archives, but i havent looked there in a while. i havent seen many lately on the main page-

    p.s. there are still some bugs in posting replies. i got an error "furom name does not match" or something

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    I think the reviews on motherboards is a good idea. Everyone's always changing theirs and keeping up to date on it is sublime.

    Also, thanks for always reviewing Plextor Drvies.
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    How about a user review area on the site?
    Not a rant & rave but a area for modems,Hard Drives Video boards etc. where the users give a brief report on how they like a product. There are always a host of posts with people asking what do you think of this CD-R or that mobo. Give them a place to get feedback so they don't have to wait a couple of days for replys.
    OR an area where known bugs in hardware or software can be found. Again not a rant & rave but known problems that should be known about so users can avoid them.
    For example: I've had some Voodoo3 problems lately and went to a 3dfx website for information. I found out that there is a known problem of certin FIC mobos burning up with Voodoo3-3000 AGP boards in them. Some kind of voltage problem. Again this was not someone blowing off steam but documented problem that we should be made aware of before buying equipment.

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