Uh-oh. I thought things were getting back to normal here. I hope this new forum doesnt become a ***** forum. I havent participated in the discussions about the problems here because I deal with that enough at my job. I come here because it is enjoyable but it hasnt been lately. The site seems to be getting things back in order and I hope this forum is deleted promptly.

Thanks for adding the software forum and for getting moderators that care about their forums. Hopefully all other issues will be resolved as well and HOPEFULLY the staff will continue to resolve issues that come up in the future.

This really is a great site!! It's a review site with a twist, the forums. I enjoy the reviews and I keep coming back because of the forums. I think that was the point of this site. So please dont forget about the forums.

Since this new forum was created for suggestions, I do have a couple. For one the discussions page is no longer in alphabetical order. Its a stupid complaint I know but I was used to the position of Cases, Cooling and Overclocking. Lastly, I wanted to mention SETI. I know the site is aware of SETI because there is a HWC SETI group. My suggestion is for HWC to become a sponsor. It is amazing how popular SETI has become. There are almost 2 million SETI@home users!! What better way to increase site traffic than to have a small link to SETI saying something like "HWC supports SETI". WOW, imagine how many people would come across HWC just by doing a search for SETI. OH, one more thing. I joined the members SETI group because the people were from HWC, no other reason. I can not agree with the change that was made today.

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