The recent issue of PC World talks about how to quiet your PC (and mine is sure noisy). Here are some of the products they recommend. And do you know anything about them?
**PC Power and Cooling Ultra-Quiet Silencer 235 Watt power supply. (The same company sells PSUs up to 400 Watts. How do I know how much power I need? I have an XP 1800+, 40GB 7200RPM hdd, 2 CD drives, GeForce 3 Ti200 vidcard, I'm NOT a gamer).
**PC Power Sand Cooling Silencer Auxillary Cooling Fan.
**A passive heatsink (no fan).
**Molex's Silent Drive (plastic case to cover drive). The magazine talks about it working with a 7200RPM hdd, while the company"s website says up **Dynamat Extreme Computer Kit (for vibration dampening)
**Anti-vibration mat.

Any experience with these? Thanks 4 help.