Well, since my router was just sitting there being a firewall, file/print server, and router I decided to let it do some distributed computing. Folding since that's what I've been doing. Well it was a 400MHz K62 that I OCed to 560(112x5) 2.8v using a VolcanoII. It was keeping temps in upper 30s even under full load. Well all was great until Yesterday I noticed it wasn't doing anything. I opened it up and guess what the fan wasn't spinning on the processor. I shut it down, and touched the heatsink. I have a blister to prove how hot it was. Needless to say, that processor is fried. The only other s7 chip I had lying around is a lowly p-133, so it went in till I can get a replacement. Well. It's sloooow when acting as file/print server. I have it OCed to 166(2x83) @ 3.2v. Anyway, the question is how do I get more than 3.2v out of an Epox MVP3G2? I don't care if I fry this one. It'll only be in use about a week. (guess I didn't learn my lesson) Any help is mucho appreciated.

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