XP 1900 + Alpha 6035/Delta = possible?
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Thread: XP 1900 + Alpha 6035/Delta = possible?

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    XP 1900 + Alpha 6035/Delta = possible?

    Maybe a dumb question, but will my old alpha work with the XP part? I got a new TT volcano 7 HSF with the XP, but it vibrates like hell. So i was thinking, why not use the old screamer for that (I actually find the low-tuned hum of the TT HSF more annoying than the Delta's high-pitched scream )... Did anybody try that? I would expect to see a little better performance than with the Tbird, since the XP is thermally more efficient, but, like i said, i'm not sure if the Alpha HSF is compatible with the XP part...

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    It's good to be back again

    About the PAL6035 - almost all those "old" coolers, that work fine on the Tbirds WILL work fine with the Palominos...

    I got one PEP66, which works fine on my XP1600+, a little modified for a better airflow and an "on-top" fan.

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    Yes, it should be ok. I think AMDnut actually has a XP + 6035 combo so he can tell you for sure.


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    Thanx! I had a feeling it would work, i just wasn't sure if the XP core was bigger or not (i know it's bigger L x W, wasn't sure 'bout the height) - I wouldn't want to crush my XP core, ya know...

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    Yes, it will work fine!

    I'm actually running the Vantec 6035 on the XP chip because I needed the ALPHA PAL6035 to keep my [email protected]/1.85v TBird cool!

    It is harder to keep the old TBird cool than it is to keep the XP chip cool. I am running the Delta fan on the ALPHA though. I have ran the ALPHA on the XP for comparison, and it keeps up with the Vantec copper cooler that I'm using now. A few tricks though:

    I have the fan sucking air away from the base
    I'm using a Delta fan
    The ALPHA has been lapped nicely
    I'm using Radio Shack thermal grease (the white stuff)

    The ALPHA should work fine for you.....

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