Is it worth it? New CPU fan...
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Thread: Is it worth it? New CPU fan...

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    Is it worth it? New CPU fan...

    Guys, not sure if any of you are using it, but I am considering going from my cheapo' HSF to a Cooler Master IHC-H71 with the Heat Pipe technology, as they call it (I know that this has been used in Laptops for a while). Basically, I want to take my CPU to the max without going to some exotic cooling such as water-based, etc. Right now, I can run it at 2.6GHz, but it runs much more hot (right now at 2.4 it is at ~42C, but gets up to ~50C if I ratchet it up to 2.533 @ 1.525V). I would like to see if I can get it up to 2.8 or more with reasonable temps. This HS has a Theta C-ambient of .25C/W and has a sound level of about 35dBA. For reference, a normal HS is more like .6+C/W and a Volcano 7 is ~.35-.4C/W and has a sound level more like 40+dBA. Do any of you have any experience with this HS, and do you think it would be worth the $40-45?

    Here is the link to the HSF:

    Thanks for any of your input!

    Correction: The Thermaltake Volcano 7 has a theta of .29C/W, but runs at 47dBA to get this. My current HSF runs at ~35dBA.

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    I would love one of those heatpipe Coolermasters. Mainly coz they look kinda nice lol.

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    I am also trying to choose a new HSF, but I am cooling an 2000 XP+. Thought about the Volcano 7+ but I am not for sure.
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