can i screw up on unlocking an XP?
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Thread: can i screw up on unlocking an XP?

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    can i screw up on unlocking an XP?

    im thinking about doing unlocking my XP, i've read a few articals on doing it but none of them said (that i can recall) about screwing the CPU up if i do it wrong.

    is it possible or am i being paranoid?

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    people that drive slow are easy to pass, it's people who drive fast that provide a challange.

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    I personally wouldn't mess with it. Alot of people do unlock them, but they OC just fine via FSB. Why worry about the multiplier, just get a 1800+ or 1900+ because they are cheaper now, slap it in and OC the buss speed. You probably could ruin one if you dont know what your doing.


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    It is possible to harm them, I guess.

    I have unlocked countless Duron\Athlon\XP CPU's. And I have apparently crossed some of the bridges a few times. And what happened was that the system would not run, AT ALL.

    Some nail polish remover took care of my connections and the CPU also because they all ran fine again. Eventually I unlocked em all and all ran fine.

    BUT, there are claims that some people have tried it and apparently made a mistake and it fried the CPU. I have to reserve comment on that because it cant be disproved, but as I said, I have made a few boo boo's and removing the conductive traces restored the CPU to perfect working order.

    On the XP's though. You must fill in the tiny gap you will see between the bridges. If the material goes in there it will result in failure 100% of the time.

    2 drops of super glue, 2 pieces of tape and 2 minutes will take care of that.

    And if you get those little barriers between the bridges, draw\paint around them.


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    don't cross bridges or allow any conductive contact between bridges and the inner wells, else RAM etc.. could be fried (seen it happen)

    Nick's page



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