I just installed some new Kingmax PC2700 tiny BGA. This stuff is nice! So far, 150FSB is not a problem. I was wondering though, does it hurt the memory a lot by bumping the voltage up? Default is 2.55v, but I have bumped it to 2.65v for stability purposes. I'm running 150FSB at CAS 2 and settings os 2-5-2.

How much does thie added voltage shorten the life of the memory? Those of you overclocking, what voltage are you running your DDR at?

Thanks for the input guys!

256MB Kingmax PC2700
Vantec 6035w/Delta
60GB Maxtor 7200rpm (OS)
(2)Maxtor 7200rpm 30 giggers in RAID Level 0
Radeon 8500 275/275
Plextor 24x
Creative 16x DVD