I have a cold cathode kit from PC Mods http://pcmods.com/details.asp?ProdID=137

I broke the bulb so I tried to order another one. PC Mods doesn't show replacement bulbs on their website and that damned company never answers the phone and usually doesn't respond to e-mail.

I then ordered this from ZX Mods http://www.zxmods.com/products/productccmodtubes.html

I can't seem to connect the two to make the bulb work. The inverter is still in the case and it's plugged into the power supply with a 4-pin molex. And it's also connected to a toggle switch. The replacement came with a 3 pin plug that won't fit into anything. I have a 3-pin to 4-pin fan adapter but it won't work with that. It seems like it's not meant to fit into it.

I put in the 2 URLs so you can see things much better than I can explain them. Any help appreciated but remember that my knowledge of electricity is less than none.
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