Anodizing... Anyone know a good source?
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Thread: Anodizing... Anyone know a good source?

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    Anodizing... Anyone know a good source?

    As I posted in this thread, I'm having a custom aluminum case built. The material is on the way, and hopefully it will be done with fabrication in a month or so.

    I've done a little looking for places that do anodizing in the past, and didn't come up with anything really great. I need black anodizing... not the easiest color to do.

    I've fooled with doing it myself (there are tons of self-anodizing resources and references out there) and just had no luck. We tried it on dozens of aluminum parts, and couldn't get a decent color saturation, no how matter how long we left the anodizing process going. I don't think I even want to attempt black.

    So... I've seen here and there over the years where people have had waterblocks and such anodized by small job shops, or good "do-it-yourselfers", but I can't seem to find any.

    I think you know what I'm looking for... someone or someplace that does small quantities for a good price, not an anodizing company that has a $500 minimum order, and another $350 for color.


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    804 does killer ano. they are based out of cali and do the factory ano on quite a few high end paintball guns, as well as many other things. They are fairly expensive...but you could e-mail them and maybe work something out if you just want simple colors. They can do fades/splashes and fades with reverse splashes...they also have some killer pictures at their site. Suggest you take a look.

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