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Thread: LED fan mod

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    LED fan mod

    anyone perform this yet?
    how about: http://www.moddin.net/article.asp?ArticleID=10&PageNo=1
    could someone explain in a bit more detail?

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    There is some clever work in there, however I think the life of the fan will be reduced substantially as the fan will be out of balance as the leds can't be opposite to each other due to the seven fan blades. There would have to be additional noise due turbulance also.

    Looks good though.

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    Seen it, but not done it. Looks neat though. I had a friend with a set of wheels on his roller skates that lit up like that. Those were the days (17 years ago).

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    yea, looks neat, but i wouldnt have it in my case

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    Hum...I think I have found a new project . Those would look sweet in the back of my case!

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    Fan noise will increase noticeably because of wind resistance. Airplane propeller design is perfected by smoothing all surfaces of the blade. Same should be done with fans which have ridges and sharp edges in the plastic blades and frame supports. I mean make them really smooth to reduce noise. Forget the flash.

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    My screen says: "Je pense, donc je suis."

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    Lookes good, but as mentioned, the fan will be WAY out of balance, and I'd imagine it would be very loud indeed, not just the air flow, but vibration also, I suppose you could balance the fan (ask any model earoplane shop how to) but it would be a major pain.

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