I have now had my Kingmax PC333 for a few weeks and decided it was time to see what it could do. I am currently limited with my IBM 120gxp harddrive to nothing over 149fsb. I decided to pull the good old 75gxp HD out of my secondary computer. I have hit amazing fsb speeds with this drive in the past.

It didn't take me very long to get pissed off. My memory maxed out at 151mhz fsb. I tried upping DDR voltage, and the most conservative settings possible with no luck. Just to make sure it was the memory I went into my bios and turned the memory bus down to 100mhz. After doing this I was able to hit 184mhz fsb. I honestly couldn't believe my board was stable at such a high speed. I tried to go higher with no luck. Then I realized that even when the memory bus was set to 100, at 184 it was running 151 where I maxed out at earlier.

I have already recieved an RMA# from newegg, but they don't have anymore Kingmax so I am just going to get a refund.

Should I take another chance with Kingmax, or go with Corsair or Mushkin. I have never had any problems with Corsair or Mushkin, but there is definently a price premium. I know alot of you guys are happy with your Kingmax, so what to you think?

Thanks in advance.

T-Bird 1.4@ 11X149=1643mhz
256mb Kingston DDR333
MSI Geforce 3
Alpha Pal 8045
Enermax 550watt