Hello all!! One of my friends told me that my XP was possibly running too hot. It generally runs at around 93F or higher. Right now, with AOL running, it's at 98F. What worries me is what will happen when I start gaming after I get my Radeon 7500 Monday? Do I have need to be concerned? I've got a Volcano 6 on the chip and 2 Enermax case fans... one on front and one on the back. It seems that I shouldn't be having problems, and I very well may not be, but should I be concerned? Thanks in advance.

In Christ Jesus,


Athlon XP 1600+
on an Abit KG7
OS on 2GB and games on 30 GB 7200RPM
Radeon 7500 w/64 DDR (as of Monday, March 4th)
256MB of DDR