Damn those IBM drives.....just as i thought that i had completed my system for a while another damn part breaks.....it was a 45gig 7200 75gxp drive..at least it made it a year.
too bad i have another...i fear it probaly doesn't have much longer either. the guy at ibm said that it was acctualy a windows xp shutdown problem causing a drive corruption...but somehow i doubt it, i mentioned the law suit and all and he was not allowed to comment on it....oh well at least they will let me rma it.

has anyone sent in a similar drive? and what did they get back? I am hoping all the 60 and 75 are out so they have to ship me a 120gxp 60gig.

oh and can someone provide me the link to the class action lawsuit??

here are the specs on my comp
1600 athlon xp
soyo dragon
geforce 2 pro
2 45gig ibm 75gxp---down to one now
1 80 gig western digital 7200
1 fujitsu man 18 gig 10k scsi drive
adaptec 29160lp ultra 160 controller
16x10x40 cdrw
10x pioneer slot loading dvdrom
tv tuner capture card
sigma designs dvd decoder