Soldering L1 Bridges
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Thread: Soldering L1 Bridges

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    Soldering L1 Bridges

    Hi All,
    I finally got round to soldering the L1 bridges on my Athlon 1000, Now it fully owns on stability at 1400 ([email protected]).
    Max temp 52c this was on a day with ambient temp of 36c after 4hours of UT
    I wondered if anyone has managed to solder them on a XP?
    (looking at getting a 1700+ soon)

    nuff said

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    whatabout 9*153 or something

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    I was attempting to solder one of my old durons, but it didn't work with the POS soldering iron I had. Since then, I've bought a nice little 15w electronics soldering iron, and it works very nice for my volt mods. I will probably not bother trying it on my XP though because of the grounded copper between the bridges. Even if I fill the gaps, I'm sure a soldering iron wouldn't mix too well with nail polish. I think I'm just going to get me some of my sister's nail polish and some silver conductive paint/pen.

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    Krazy glue might be better.

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    My screen says: "Je pense, donc je suis."

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