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    PC Overheats

    CPU overheats, it running at around 70 degrees. I'm using a program called HMonitor and its also telling me that my Core is running at +1.63V... which is in read... which means BAD.

    Wtf is this and how can i fix it?

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    Welcome to HWC Matias_B

    Before anyone can help you, it's better if you can list out your sytem spec so that we can see what is the casue.

    I suspect that you're running an AMD Duron processor and the heatsink is not being seated properly, you didn't apply thermal paste to the core of the CPU or the heatsink fan is not working.

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    how is your case cooling? when you say it overheats does it crash? the standard vcore for an AMD is around 1.65-75V depending on the model. If its a duron then 1.63V might be ok or a misreport, but it might be a power supply issue as well.
    Your heat problem may be due to a unsuitable heatsink/cheap model or a badly placed heatsink, or lack of thermal grease or thermal pad. Give us more specs, such as case, heatsink, powersupply brand and wattage, motherboard and cpu


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    It might also be a good idea to download Motherboard Monitor 5 which is the program many of us use for determining our PC temps. Not all programs report the same temps and it's handy if we know it's not a variable.

    I'm with berserker on the heastsink idea though. It doesn't sound like it's seated properly if you're getting these temps. You might also have an bad heat transfer compound on there or none at all....not good....give us some feedback and info.

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