"redundant" power supply?
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Thread: "redundant" power supply?

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    Can anyone help? it's one of those things that I need explained in plain English ..no mumbo jumbo

    I am have bought an EPoX EP-8KHA+ , XP1700+ and 512 Samsung DDR. (haven't got them yet but they are on the way) p
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    Ummm, an Uninteruptable Power Supply (UPS) perhaps ? That's basically a battery that keeps your computer running if the main power goes off.
    What you're speaking of may be something completely different.
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    Photo should make it self explanatory.

    Addtronics redundant power supply,

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    Commercial servers have redundant everything, so that no matter what happens or fails, the server keeps on ticking. They're usually hot-swappable, too. A server we recently installed had (IIRC) dual hot-swappable PSUs, 3 hot swappable PIII CPUs, about 2GB of hot swappable RAM and dual RAID arrays, each of which could remain operational with individual drive failures. (Drives, of course, hot swappable!) The LAN connection was made to multiple backbones, in case those failed. Oh, and it was powered by two UPSs fed from seperate power sources.

    Most redundant PSUs are just that: redundant. I don't think you can double the output, although I really don't see a reason why you couldn't... I've never messed with it so I don't know. You don't typically overclock a system that needs redundant PSUs
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    Right on grover. Redundant power can come in a couple flavors; n+n or n+1. An n+n would be like 1+1 where you have two power supplies with only one operating would be required to run the box. When both are working, they share the load and loaf along with lots of headroom. If one croaks, the other runs the whole box. In an n+1 config (say 3 supplies) the box needs two supplies in order to have enough power.

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