Ok, I have a dual PII-333 that gets extrememly hot. There are also many drives (both IDE and SCSI) in the case, but the processors are the main culprit to heat, I believe. I'll cool the drives later. We replace the fans on the CPU heatsinks about every four to five months.

I've got a general idea for the layout of the system, but I'm afraid of a pump going bad. I bought a cheapie for my first watercooling project (70-180gph @ $29) and so far it hasn't skipped a beat. However, in the summer these systems will be at the camp I work at. If a pump were to go out, the system would be down for at least a week until we could get into town to buy another.

Does anyone have a favorite brand or model? The flow rates I'll need for the radiator I'm getting will need to be around 2-3gpm (120-180gph) for optimal dissipation.

My other concern is having a single pump push the coolant across two blocks. Either I could make two separate pumps pump to two separate blocks (twice the tubing in the case), or make both blocks in the same loop.

Would it hurt to have two pumps "pump in line?" IE: have one pump "pushing" before the blocks and another pump of the same rate "pulling" after the blocks. That way, if one pump fails, the other can pick up the slack and keep the system running. Not good?

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