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Thread: Sorry for OT, but what the hell is wrong wiht my modem?

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    The sock files are often prone to corruption even in the abscence of a virus.

    If I ever start having internet connection/ page viewing problems one of the first things I check is my winsock.dll and wsock32.dll files...


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    5,206 viruses...425 problems with Windows using Norton Windoctor 2002, all were fixed, still no resolve. CHKDSK does nothing. Gettin pissed, but hell I got my server up and am in the process of setting up my networks. Hopefully my 3 network cards don't kill my poor 233mhz Win2k Server system. Actually, I already have 2 set up (DEAN1 to SERVER, KENT1 to SERVER). Just have to bridge them now, anyone know how to dothis on Win2k Server? Connecting to the inet using the server as a gateway is as simple as shutting this machine down, yanking modem, placing modem, and go! hehe

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