Aight guys I know this is OT, but I like you guys the best

Everything has been working fine with my Lucent Winmodem and Windows XP for a few months now. Now, the last two days I can't download stuff anymore. Like I can still view webpages and read my email. I can even download file attachments, but noting from Internet Explorer. However, I couldn't access any downloadable files from other computers on the network either. No hardware or software changes occurred in the last few days either. This is really pissin me cuz I want to download the latest SiSoft as well as some BIOS ROM mod files.

I've run out of ideas to fix this problem. I have already tried changing the driver, reinstalling TCPIP networking etc. I even tried to install IE5.5 over IE6. Nothing. As a last resort, I spent 35minutes "upgrading" Windows XP to Windows XP, hehe. Basically, I just reinstalled it to fix any files. Well, still nothing. Any ideas?! This is really pissin me, and once again I am really sorry for the OT but I know all of the regulars on this particular forum! TIA guys!

MSI K7T Turbo-R w/ 2.35v mod
AthlonXP 1600+ @1700+ @ 1.55v
256MB Corsair PC150 CL2
12x DVD, 12x CDRW
Water-cooled 118w Peltier
S3 Savage2000 64mb TVout