Is my Enermax 330W enough?
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Thread: Is my Enermax 330W enough?

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    Is my Enermax 330W enough?

    I am purchasing a new computer soon and I was wondering if my Enermax 330W power supply will be enough. These are the devices that will be plugged into it.

    KT333 motherboard
    AMD Thoroughbred processor
    2 generic case fans
    NewQ graphic EQ drive
    1.44 MB floppy
    IBM 120GXP Hard drive
    1 neon cathode light (My case is full of mods)

    I am currently running a similar setup except without the NewQ Graphic EQ and the neon light, but will addings those two items push my power supply too far? I don't know how much power these items use. If it is too much for my Enermax 330W, would a sparkle 400W cut it, or is there really not too much difference between the two?

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    You should be able to make do with the Enermax.
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    330w will be fine for that setup, there isn't much between the enermax and sparkle psu's - they are both good quality
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    It'll probably do, but you never know unless you try.
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