Voltage info: Reliable source
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Thread: Voltage info: Reliable source

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    Voltage info: Reliable source

    Hi there,

    BIOS Info or MBM 5, what is the most reliable source for voltage info?
    System is:
    Asus TUSL2-C / PIII 1ghz/133
    Using a 400w PSU

    Bios readings:
    Vcore: 1.79 (set to 1.75)
    +3.3: 3.45
    +5: 4.97
    +12: 12.03

    MBM5 readings:
    Vcore: 1.81 (under load drops to 1.79 sometimes to 1.76)
    +3.3: 3.46
    +5: 4.97 (drops to 4.85 under load)
    +12: 11.43 but sometimes drops to 11.31 even when not running benchmarks).

    My system runs rock stable, but I'm worried that those voltage drops do some damage in a long run. The system is brand new (1 week).
    Any tips?

    Thanks in advance


    P.S. - VideoCard: Asus V7100-T (geforce 2MX)
    2 Realtek Nics
    SBLive Mp3+
    1 Quantum Lct20 20Gb (4500rpm)
    1 Quantum Plus AS 20Gb (7200rpm)
    1 CDRW Sony Crx-145E
    1 DVD Artec 16x
    2x 80mm fans
    Using stock HSF
    I've checked the hardware monitor in the bios for about 10 min, and the only things that changed were the temperature and the RPM of the fan, voltages were stable.

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    im sorry i dunno man,
    but ill bump it up cause i was wondering the same thing

    Duron 900 @ 1060 1.7v (8x133)
    Abit Kt7a
    192 mb ram
    ATI Radeon 32mb ddr
    win2k sp2

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    They both read from the same source. The readings are only different beacuse of the load of windows vs the load of your bios.
    Your readings look normal to me.

    There all gonna laugh at you
    There all gonna laugh at you

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