AUX 3.3v power connector on server BX board?
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Thread: AUX 3.3v power connector on server BX board?

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    AUX 3.3v power connector on server BX board?

    My uncle and I recently purchased a pair of old Dell 440BX boards (AR440BX). There was no information on Intel's site because it was a board designed to meet Dell's specific requirements. We have been working on these boards for well over 2 hours and have been researching for at least triple that time. The boards wouldn't do anything. They wouldn't even turn on the PSU (which we tried the shorting Pin14/15 to test the PSU which worked, but when we tried the trick while on the board, nothing happened). We then learned about the additional 3.3v AUX power connector. We have no PSUs with this connector as of now. Is there any way we would not need this extra connector or is it a must? I see this connector is included on many of the new P4 compatibles as well as the ATX+12 connector. Is there any way to get around this connector? Also, what is it used for?

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    At the risk of sounding like an dumbass, for intel stuff isnt my area of expertise.

    I'm pretty sure you wont find the same 4 pin connector on p3's that you will find on p4's.Thats the plus 12 connector I think? those extra connectors on a P4 just carry extra amps to the board I think?. So they dont have the problems we XP owners are going through with unsatisfactory voltage on the rails. They insure a 10amp feed.
    I bet The connector your talking about looks like half of an old AT connector dont it?
    I've seen them.
    I know that there is a such thing as a 3.3v remote power on connector maybe it's that.

    But i do know this. A P4 will power up and run without the extra connectors plugged in.

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    There all gonna laugh at you

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