For the first time in six months, my system crashed. I'm pretty sure it was due to heat. I was in the middle of playing Alice, and it just froze. Nothing. So I hit my trusty reset button and on the way to rebooting, i checked my cpu temp in the bios. I've set my shutdown temp for 140 and at that time my cpu was 150. This is not good! I currently have a heatsink/fan that came with my mobo. It turns about 6000 RPM and I thought it did a pretty good job, but obvously not. I'm thinking about replacing the hsf. Does anyone have any good suggestions? I think another problem may be that my desk that my computer is in has a little hole that you can put your cpu in, and the heat blowing out of the back has nowhere to go. I'm going to fix that tommorrow, though. Anyway, any suggestions/links would be appriciated.

AMD 1.2 gig T-Bird
256 MB SDRAM PC100
Nvidia Geforce 2 GTS 64MB