Power supply question
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Thread: Power supply question

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    Power supply question

    Decided to switch over to athlon and I was just wondering what size power supply I will need.

    System components I plan to transfer:
    3 hard drives- 2 40 gig and 1 30 gig
    1 lite on 24x writer
    1 48x cdrom
    Scanner/ laser printer
    Cambridge soundworks 4 point surrond system
    voodoo 3000
    sound card/nic/modem/3 fans

    Plan to go with xp1800+/Mobo???

    300 Watt power supply enough???

    Thanks, l

    P.S. How much faster is DDR memory compared to quality 133 SDRAM

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    Typical power requirements of computer peripherals at the following link,
    Click HERE.

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    The speakers wont need to use the computer's power would they? Or have you like wired it up to it does? If thats even possible
    I dont know... I just dont.

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    A quality 300W PSU would do that job. You can check AMD's recommended PSU list on their website. As far as PC133 vs DDR, a standard stick of DDR2100 (DDR266) would have twice the memory bandwidth of that of a stick of PC133. So yes, get DDR.

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