How can I find my PCI bus speed?
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Thread: How can I find my PCI bus speed?

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    How can I find my PCI bus speed?

    Like to monitor my PCI bus speed when I OC. Used to get it in Sandra under Mainboard Info but my latest Ver (2001.3.7.50) doesn't have it there. Any other places?

    Thanks, Bill

    AK31 v3.1, MC462
    256MB Crucial PC133 Cas 2
    IBM 75GXP, 7,200 RPM, 20Gig HD
    Fong-Kai FK603 case & Antex 400W PS
    Matrox G-550 & Iiyama Pro 17
    Teac CD-516EB, Zip 250 Int
    AMD 9950 Quaad-core processor
    M2N-SLI Deluxe board
    4 GB OCZ Gold
    WD 500GB SATA2 HD
    Antec True Power 750
    Antec Sonta case
    BFG 8600GT 256MB video
    Samsung 940bx 19" LCD
    Samsung SH-S203B DVD
    On board NIC
    SB Audigy sound
    XP Pro 64 bit

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    I have an older version of SANDRA I could put on a site for ya that may tell ya.

    It is sandra2000 standard and if my memory serves me right it used to show you everything you needed.

    When I click on the link I get this.

    When you get that then change the us.share.
    to www. then it should work.

    Anyone know a work around for this? It works for me not sure if it will for you.

    My only other alternative is to goto a different web host.

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