I have watched these boards for quite some time and have been learning a lot. I was even compelled to build my own machine! So I did. Now this was about 7-8 months ago...but I purchased parts from everywhere. I bought a barebones system off of Ebay for cheap (big mistake). The MoBo is something generic with onboard sound and seller included an AMD 900 Mhz CPU (TBird). I thought it was a great deal so I bought it! Well the Mobo and CPU seemed fine but the case was so small that the PSU sat RIGHT on top of the HSF/CPU. Therefore this created big time heat problems. My processor at one point went up to 78 degrees Celsius and just under 200 F (This was after playing Starcraft for about an hour). Needless to say I yanked out the PSU and sat it on top of the case and bought a fan at Wal-Mart to blow directly on the case. Well this cured things temporarily. Temps remained still somewhat high after playing games. Just tonight I bought a freakin' HUGE Full Tower case with about 9 Expansion bays, 400W PSU, etc. This way the PSU would be above the CPU and MoBo and the case temp would be lower allowing more airflow. Well the stock HSF seems to do a good job and I bought a nice case fan to slap on the front of the case. Now here comes the crappy part. Well after the 'transfer of cases' and slapping the walls together on the case the CPU temp shot up to 68 Celsius from just being idle! It's like nothing even made a difference! I have no idea what there is left to do. So right now I am sitting here with a HUGE case by my side with one of the walls off and the same #$@! Wal-Mart fan blowing into the case to cool the sucker down. Is their something screwy with the CPU? If underclocking can lower the heat and keep the CPU stable, how is this done? I am at the end of my rope with this thing. So if anyone has suggestions other than using it for making smores let me know!