Hi there,

I installed my new XP 1700 CPU onto an Asus A7V133, the same motherboard that ran my old 1GHz Tbird.

Sources on the Internet, including TomsHardware, state that the XP CPUs will only work on revision 1.05 of the A7V133. Well, if that's the case, then my revision 1.04 board is something special

As I thought, the revision does not matter, as long as you have the 1.07 BIOS recently release by Asus.

My current temps are (With Arctic Silver II): 42C at normal load (IE, ICQ, Sandra, ZoneAlarm) with voltage set at 1.73.

I am planning on lowering the voltage to 1.7 at least, which should help keep the temperatures even cooler.

CPU Burn-in results with Sandra x20: 45C

Those are decent temps I guess. I'll try lowering the voltage first, but for now I'm off to play some games!

So for those of you with rev1.04 of this board, yes, you can safely expand into the XP line of CPUs.

Tbird 1GHz
WBK38 w/Sanyo Denko 55cfm 92MM fan
Asus A7V133
256PC133 SDRAM
Quantum 7200 ATA-100 20GB
Fujitsu 5400 ATA-66 10GB
SB Live MP3+ 5.1
Creative Annihilator 2 GeForce2 GTS 32MB