Has anyone got this memory?


I'm pretty disappointed with my current "PC166 TwinPOS", can get a max of 160 MHz 2-3-3-6, 4 way interleaving. (memory scores are ALU/RAM : 566MB/s, FPU/RAM : 634MB/s.)

The best memory that I can get is either Crucial PC133 or Mushkin Rev 3 PC133. Would the Mushkin be worth it over my current memory? What was the max settings you got out of it? I'm hoping for somewhere around the 166 MHz mark, with highest timings possible.

Anyone think it'd be worth the extra cost? Or should I just wait for the definitive KT266A or nForce board with PC2700?


Spitfire [email protected] (160x6.5), 2.05V
EPoX 8KTA3 Pro
512MB PC166 TwinPOS