What should I expect....
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Thread: What should I expect....

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    What should I expect....

    Here is my setup once i get my mobo on tuesday:

    Epox 8HKA+
    AMD XP 1800
    512BD 2100 DDR (Infineon)
    Radeon 64MBddr VIVO
    18GB Quantum Atlas 10kII
    40GB IBM Deskstar
    Adpatec 19160 ultra160card
    Happague craptv
    3com NIC
    16140Plextor Burner
    Pioneer dvd-115
    Scanner etc.

    What are the best overclocking scoresi should expect from this mobo?
    Is the Inineon holding me back?


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    A lot will depend on your cooling and memory timings.

    TBird [email protected]/Asus A7V133/Raid0/ALPHA 8045/Herc GForce3/768mb SDRAM/WinXP RTM
    P3 [email protected]/Asus P3V4X/Alpha P3125/LeadTech GForce2 Pro/768mb SDRAM/Win2000 Pro

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