Best replacement fan for 7K Delta Hoover!
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Thread: Best replacement fan for 7K Delta Hoover!

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    Best replacement fan for 7K Delta Hoover!

    I need less noise, but effective cooling. I am using an SK-6 to cool a 1.4GHz AYHJA. The Delta is annoyingly loud

    LMK what you think. Would a Y.S. Tech 6k 60mm fan be sufficient? Give me some ideas!!

    EPoX 8KHA, 1.4GHz AYHJA, SK-6 w/7K Delta, 32MB Elsa Gladiac GF2 GTS, 256MB Crucial DDR, 15.3GB DiamondMax +40

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    60mm Thermaltake 31cfm (3 Pin) Cooling Fan 28db(A) 2 deg. temp rise but a lot quieter. You should be used to the turbine whine.

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    Pabst 33cfm 60mm fans here! look in the clearance section. Quite a bit quieter than the Delta and cools almost exactly the same.

    Specifications: 60x60x25 mm, 33 CFM @ 6850 rpm, 43 dBA, 250 mA, 3.0W, 12v DC, 4 pin molex.

    Availability: Usually ships the same business day.

    612NHHRegular price: $20.00Closeout Price: $13.00

    TBird [email protected]/Asus A7V133/Raid0/ALPHA 8045/Herc GForce3/768mb SDRAM/WinXP RTM
    P3 [email protected]/Asus P3V4X/Alpha P3125/LeadTech GForce2 Pro/768mb SDRAM/Win2000 Pro

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