Slot 1 converter Question!!!!!
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Thread: Slot 1 converter Question!!!!!

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    Slot 1 converter Question!!!!!

    have to get a slot one converter cuz the mobo I have has 2 types: a slot 1 and a socket Azza PT-81DX...

    I broke a peg off on the socket 370...and I only have an old PPGA 400mhz celery.

    can any slot 1 work in this situation? pcwebshopper has one for $9 but description says to slot 1 coppermine ....

    this is what it says:
    Socket 370 (Celeron/Pentium III Coppermine FC-PGA) to Slot1 CPU Converter

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    I have few slotkets that are for PPGA and FCPGA. I know there are models that only support PPGA or FCPGA so I would only purchase one if it states that it infact supports your CPU style. ABIT Slotket III, Iwill Slotket II and MSI's 6905 master Rev2 all support both configs.

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    9 to 5
    sorry bout that

    late night "studying" for midterm!
    Did you get Giants to install on your comp??


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