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Thread: HOT! HOT! HOT!

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    HOT! HOT! HOT!

    My temp is running way to high. Asus probe says it's 61c but Sisoft Sandra, and my bios says it is 51c. Who is the liar?
    How much temp decrease should I get with a sk6 hsf.

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    Believe the BIOS.

    I'm assuming your running a AMD system with a VIA chipset. There is an update for Sisoft Sandra that helps to correct this. It may also read that your AGP bus and Voltage are was outta wack as well.

    From what i've read the SK6 is a great H/S, i've been thinking about one as well. Kind of a tricky clip though.

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    I have the Sk6 and it keeps my system at silly temperatures. Idle:29, Loaded:39(sisoft sandra burnin).
    Thing is, I have a delta 7000rpm fan on it and its really loud. I suggest a quieter fan on it or the latest offering from Alpha which cools almost as well but with a lower rpm fan.

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