I just bought a TBIRD 1GIG (version 266).

Which HSF should I buy? I want to get one that won't ruin my CPU. I've heard sad stories of people ruining their cpu just by installing new HSF.

I have only installed a couple times of these on someone else cpu. I want to be very cautious with my on.

So, please just let me know which one would be safer, and great of course, for my CPU.

I will probably O/C it.

Swiftech are supposed to be the best out there. There are quite expensive though (~$50+).

Which HSF is cheap (~$30 is alright) and close to Swiftechs HSF?

Thanks to all.

Moerani Putoa
Athlon Classic 700@800
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1 Quantum 12.1gig
256MB RAM (2 PC100)
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